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Van Elsäcker Management supports companies in the high-tech sector in achieving their commercial objectives. Years of sales experience, dedication, enthusiasm and a touch of humour provide the relationship- and result-oriented ingredients.

Are your account managers not getting around to new business? Do you need market research into new applications and sales markets? Or work together on a new sales strategy?

Feel free to call or email me to make an appointment. This is possible both online or F2F, in compliance with the Covid regulations.

  • Since 1982, I have worked at strategic, tactical and operational sales levels for small family businesses, medium-sized SMEs and stock listed multinationals, and therefore I am familiar with the specific dynamics involved.

  • In the positions of account manager, business development manager and managing director at international manufacturing companies, I have been able to gain a fair amount of company-wide experience. The focus of my work was usually on the sales side, without losing sight of the business processes and interests on the side of engineering, procurement, production, QA and finance.

  • Because of my open and learning mindset, I was able to learn a lot from my colleagues, our clients and suppliers. Maintaining good internal and external contacts at all levels is therefore very important to me. An advantage of this is that I can quickly identify with everyone’s problems and master specific matters in a short space of time.

  • High-tech manufacturing companies
  • New business (NPIs)
  • Achieving success together
  • Connecting people
  • Developing talent
  • Gaining and sharing knowledge

Over the past years I have been sales responsible for customers such as:

  • OEMs like ASML, Honeywell, Philips, Siemens, Bosch, ABB, Eaton, ProRail
  • Approximately 300 SME companies
  • A large number of Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) companies in the Netherlands and worldwide
  • Start-ups
  • Technical universities
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • ….e un po’ di italiano

How do I work?

Fulfilling the gained trust on a daily basis. Sounds simple, but to me this is one of the most essential values in taking care of my customers over the long term.  Respecting agreements, providing quick and transparent information, asking the right questions and, above all, listening well, while creatively searching together for the best technical and economic solutions for both parties. These are the kinds of basic properties that ensure a lasting relationship.  

A ‘hiring period’ can be for a few hours or days a week, as long as needed and no longer than that. This is one of the advantages of hiring an interim manager on a flexible and temporary basis.

What gives me energy?

For me, one of the most fascinating aspects of commercial project management is the development process of new products. Working on a concept together with a project team, from the first engineering model, through the prototyping and post-series phases, right up to serial volume production (R4V).

Whether in the medical market, drive technology, semicon or robotics, all electronic and mechanical developments start with a new idea that has to be developed into a working product. And then to be able to contribute to that as a team… fantastic!

What more can I do for you?

Contract management
Over the years, I have reviewed and negotiated dozens of contracts. We often say that they ‘end up at the bottom of a drawer and never come out’. That is usually true, although in my experience it was nice to have a contract when things got ‘exciting’. So you want to establish the agreements together? I would be happy to help you with this.

Market research
Also looking for a second ASML? Good luck with that. 
Finding new markets and customers usually requires thorough research into e.g. the branch, turnover potential, prospects, competition, supplemented by a SWOT analysis, etc. Often, your own entrepreneurial intuition already indicates a certain direction. I am happy to discuss this with you as a sparring partner.

Online marketing
Since physical, offline company promotion at e.g. trade fairs has largely shifted to an online presence, I constantly keep abreast of the various marketing channels and trends in this area. Website, blogs, content marketing, social media, YouTube videos, CRM, SEO, online surveys. Sometimes you just can’t keep up. The best thing is still to talk to each other live, right?

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